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Keeping Casts Dry the Easy Way

ELRA Industries, Inc., has designed our unique shower sleeve for both efficiency and ease of use. Each of our unique shower covers can be reused as many times as needed, keeping casts dry for the entire time they have to be worn. Simply hang up the Shower Shield™ and rubber strap to let dry after use.


1. After the Shield Is on over the Protected Area, Firmly Pull out All Excess Plastic
2. Hold Plastic Firmly against Leg or Arm with Finger While Wrapping with Excess Plastic
3. Fold Excess Plastic Neatly over & Hold against Leg or Arm
4. Pull Strap Snugly around Entire Leg or Arm (Do Not Twist Strap)
5. Fasten White Tab to Strap
6. Attach One End of Rubber Sealer to Strap so Rubber Is Half on Plastic & Half on Skin
7. Wrap Rubber Sealer around Leg or Arm with Some Stretch to Make Sure a Good Seal Is Made
8. Continue to Wrap & Stretch Rubber Sealer over Itself until It Is All Used & then Press down the End Tab to Lock in Place


Do not over tighten the Shower Shield as this may restrict circulation to your arm or leg. Also, when these plastic cast sleeves come into contact with a wet, smooth surface, it may produce a slippery condition. Use extreme caution when using the Shower Shield.