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The Convenience of the Shower Shield

Don't let an inconvenient cast make taking a bath or shower a challenge. Introducing the Shower Shield™, a unique bandage and cast cover from ELRA Industries, Inc. The Shower Shield was designed to help protect your injury from water while you are taking a shower or bath. Please note that while our cast cover should stop water if the seal is briefly held under water, it is not designed for swimming or prolonged underwater use.

The Shower Shield is made for the arm or leg and comes in four different styles for both kids and adults to cover the following cast conditions:

Lower Arm (Cast Is below the Elbow) | Full Arm (Cast Extends above Elbow) | Lower Leg (Cast Is below Knee) | Full Leg (Cast Extends above Knee)

Ordering a Shower Shield Online


The Shower Shield is a one-size-fits-all product that sells for $26.50. That price includes shipping anywhere within the continental United States. If two or more Shower Shields are ordered at the same time, the shipping and handling will be $1.00 per item. For freight charges outside the continental US, please contact us.

This product line is available to doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and other health care providers throughout the world. Although we primarily sell to product distributors, individual direct sales are sometimes best because a client may have an immediate need.

We are in the process of setting up a credit card system and do not accept personal checks, cash, or CODs. You can send us a money order made out to ELRA Industries, Inc., at:

ELRA Industries, Inc.
550 S Erie Highway
Hamilton, Ohio 45011-4346

Make Bathing Easy with Our Shower Shield

With our product, showering with a cast or bandage is safe and convenient. You don’t have to worry about moisture affecting the injured area or how to maneuver your body to avoid contact with water. Maintaining proper hygiene becomes more comfortable, which makes your recovery period more pleasant. If you have an injury, our waterproof cast cover is a must.

Contact us to order your Shower Shield. From our headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio, we ship our products to customers nationwide and across the globe.