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An Affordable, Simple, & Safe Way 
to Protect Your Injuries While Showering

A Smart Cast Protector That Works

Breaking a bone or going through surgery is never pleasant, and even after the initial injury or procedure, there are numerous steps to take in order to recover fully. One of these important steps is properly caring for your injury while showering or bathing. Most casts and surgery incisions can’t get wet or be submerged in water, but it’s unhygienic to go very long without a shower or bath. That’s why ELRA Industries, Inc. has designed and manufactured a revolutionary new cast protector that allows you to bathe freely and comfortably without risking getting your cast or injury wet.

Whether you broke your arm, had surgery on your leg, or have a cast on your wrist, it’s important to keep the bandage or cast dry and clean. Our bandage cover fits snugly over casts of any size or shape, shielding the cast from running water or the bath. They’re incredibly easy to use, easy to dry, and can be reused as many times as you need during your recovery.

Water Drop

Our exclusive cast protector is designed to keep your injury, bandage, or cast dry while bathing. Made with only high-quality materials, the Shower Shield can be used over and over again.

Shower Shield™

The Shower Shield from ELRA Industries, Inc., is extraordinarily easy to use, making showering much, much easier with a cast. Simply follow these instructions and you're set!


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Showering with a cast can be difficult and frustrating. Thankfully, ELRA Industries, Inc., has a solution. Introducing the Shower Shield, the ultimate cast and bandage cover. The Shower Shield allows you to shower or even take a bath without worrying about keeping your injury dry.

Our plastic cast sleeves are competitively priced and designed to last. If they fail, we will replace them for free and even pay for shipping.

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